• FDA cleared with thousands of men no longer having ED issues
  • Acoustic Wave Technology is a cure not a temporary fix
  • Safe, Painless, Non Invasive
  • 6 Discreet office treatments
  • No recurring cost
  • Restores Spontaneity, Confidence in being able to achieve the desired erection

Important Facts

  • ED affects men at all ages
  • 39% of men at age 40 are affected
  • 67% of men at age 70 are affected
  • 72% of men who fail to respond to pills will have success with SkyWave Therapy
  • The most common cause is physical in nature and related to blood flow

***As Seen In Men's Health, and The Dr's TV show***

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10 Signs you NEED

  • 1. Achieving and/or Maintaining your erection is difficult
  • 2. Erection takes longer than usual or is more difficult in certain positions
  • 3. Erections are weaker or less rigid
  • 4. Morning erections are less frequent
  • 5. Climaxing occurs more rapidly
  • 6. Ejaculation is less forceful
  • 7. Longer intervals between erections
  • 8. Erection after stimulation takes longer
  • 9. Reduced ejaculatory volume
  • 10. Pills work on an inconsistent basis

***If you are experiencing any one of the above ten ED symptoms, SkyWave Therapy has clinically proven results using acoustic wave technology***

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